Social Media Policy: Appropriateness

When given the opportunity to write a blog on making my own policy, I automatically jumped to the idea of what is considered appropriate in social media. Of course, I don’t intend to infringe on anyone’s first amendment rights, but I think it is time that we consider what is acceptable to show on the internet – whether it be obscene statuses, photos, comments, etc. Not too long ago, I put up a status that family members of mine did not approve of. When I first began to listen to their responses, I became angry and blocked them from my page. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized they were right – I have to remember that although I’m not necessarily a vulgar person, that particular comment did not really reflect myself as a person, just myself out of anger. I had to learn that the things I put online are seen not only by my friends, but ppl that possibly look up to me or even worse – ppl that expect me to be better than that.

Understanding this, I began to really think of the images that other ppl allow themselves to be seen as when they say or do such things, which is why discretion about appropriateness should be used. Calling ppl out of their names, or putting suggestive photos of yourself can cause you to be seen in a light that you may not necessarily want, and can affect the way ppl view/interact with you. So the next time you’re on Facebook or Twitter use discretion about what it is that you decide to put out there!!

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Ok, one of the funniest things that I have ever listened to was the Movies About Girls podcasts. The podcasts that I listened to almost seemed like a radio show – there was a lot of profanity, features, and guests. This podcast got my attention because I actually assumed that it was related to its title, but it’s supposes to be a poetry podcasts that didn’t have much poetry lol!! Seth, one of the hosts of the “show” explains how he was kidnapped by a hooker, and how the picture she took ended up on his facebook profile. I liked this podcast because I’m always drawn to anything funny – instantly, and this ENTIRE show i laughed at the weird things they said. They also have these segments entitled “Hits from Hell”. I was a little confused as to whether or not they liked these songs or just thought they were that terrible that they should broadcast them on the podcasts.

I will say though, that if you are not interested in listening to obscene or profane words being used in almost every sentence, that you should stay away from this particular podcast.

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Sarah’s Awesome Blog Review

First off, I would have to say one blog that I found particularly interesting was Perez Hilton’s blog. I’m usually not one to listen to gossip, but to me he was just a really funny guy who found his niche in talking about celebrities while sitting in a coffee shop.  The commentary that he adds on the photos that he uploads (sometimes it’s hearts) really makes me laugh, so I know that whenever I’m in a bit of a sucky mood, I can look at his blog and find at least one thing that can cheer me up. 

Another blog that I really liked was by Liz Strauss – The Successful Blog. I guess my reasons for liking this blog was because until I got into this class, I wasn’t really sure how I would go about blogging and even if I would enjoy it. Her blog was one of the examples that were on the page of what a blog could look like and what it could entail. I saw the comments that were added on her page, and I actually felt that this blog could be a guideline or almost a blueprint to what mine could look like. On her page there were also links and well blogs that were helpful with the things that we discussed in class – such as social media, and the way the internet is changing world and how we communicate with it.

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Success Series Seminar – Sex Signals!

I found it kind of interesting that the letter S was at the beginning of every word used in my title, but that is of little relevance. When I was told that one of my assignments was to attend one of the success series seminars, I will not lie, this particular seminar interested me the most. We were informed to go to the PAC, and the room we were in was full of students – some going for enjoyment, but most because they had the same assignment I did. There were two people on stage, one male and one female, and what they shared – though important, did not intrigue me nearly as much as how they shared it. I am always amused when adults try to relate to younger generations because it seems as though they feel the need to dumb themselves down to get us to understand where they are coming from. But this was a little different, the things they did, though silly, explained what I felt were the same scenarios, but in a different light. Also, they showed a side of the story that most people don’t pay attention to – the perpetrator’s. They explained how many times, what may lead to something bad in the end, started off innocent and brought on by both parties involved.

Although, I was raised to never put myself in compromising situations, I learned how playfully flirting with someone, or things of that nature could lead to misinterpretations of intent. I think this seminar was not only funny, but very informative, and I’d probably attend next year, just for the fun of it.

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Sarah’s Awesome Twitter Assignment

When I was first told that I was going to have to create a Twitter account, I was actually dreading it. A lot of people that I know have accounts and were trying to get me to make one, but I thought it was stupid. I just didn’t get the point. I thought Twitter was a popular cyber stalking website, and in some ways it still is, but it’s not the Devil’s Advocate like I previously thought. “Following” CNN was actually one of the smartest things I could have done because now I can keep up with the news, politics, etc., u know the important things going on in the world. I learned about some sad events that I probably would have never known about had it not been for Twitter. It was the first place that I heard about Derrion Albert, the 16 yrs. old youth brutally beaten to death, but not only that, you could see how many people were sick of the crime that was going on and just ready for a change (#stoptheviolence).

I chose to “follow” a few celebrities, and my favorite celebrity tweeter would have to be Dane Cook, who was absolutely hilarious!! He would have to be the most random person that I’ve never met. I was pretty sick during the week, so reading his tweets kept my spirits high. :)…I also thought it was pretty interesting that this website was a way for celebrities to really connect with their fans. They would reply to tweets sent to them, ask for advice, and let fans know when they would be coming to their city. So that was cool. I also thought the words they used such as “tweethearts” , “twam”, “twiggas” was pretty catchy although I refused to use it.

One thing that I personally really liked about Twitter was the fact that no one knew when I was online. There wasn’t any little sign that people could see letting them know whether or not I was on at the moment. That, to me, was so helpful and stress relieving because sometimes when I’m on Facebook, I get stuck chatting with someone that I’m trying to avoid (lol), so with Twitter I didn’t have to worry about that.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience tweeting.  – Sarah

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about me

Sarah Keith is a fresh(wo)man at Georgia Southern University. She can be seen around campus studying or terrorizing her friends. Overall, she’s an awesome person who likes to be productive. She is looking forward to a great freshman year, and a 4.0 GPA!!!

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Ropes Course Blog

Two weeks ago, my classmates and I went to Southern Adventures @ Ga Southern’s RAC for a low ropes challenge course. The experience was very interesting…I really learned how working together and asking for help can really get you far. This was something that stuck out to me because I was raised in a single parent household, and I always figured that anything that can be done, I could do it myself. While I still believe that I can do anything I put my mind to, I learned that I shouldn’t be so prideful that I can’t ask for help if I need it. I also learned that my classmates are pretty cool people – in the classroom, because we’re usually listening to Mrs. Nixon, we don’t engage each other in conversations/discussions, but this activity kind of forced us to talk to each other and work together.

Working with others, for me personally, has always been fun. The whole experience, and not just the end result was enjoyable for me…it gave me an opportunity to get to become closer to my classmates (some, a little closer than I would’ve liked, lol), but nonetheless, it was still pretty great.

Ummm…..I think that the class would benefit going back now because we have a better understanding of each other, and what we should do to accomplish something.

Because the whole point of this experience was to get the class to work as a team, I think it would help me when I have to work as a team with other people – whether it’s during my college career, or post -grade, when I’m making six-figures and driving a Bentley. 🙂

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